The Blues [Transition | Transformation], 2021
Digital print

Reflection in Abalone, 2021
Mixed media on cut paper

Cyrah Dardas: Through meditative immersion into repetitive arrangements, I create visual ghazals — rituals channeling the living waters that spring from the depths of myself. My Aban series emerges from and examines the use of sacred geometry in ancient Persian gardens as intuitive frameworks for sustaining life. Each Aban depicts an aerial view of the Char Bagh (fountain), the source of water, and the supporting symmetry that cycles the water throughout the garden’s structure. I cut and layer these interconnected systems over each other, creating abstract landscapes reflecting their relationship to the microcosmic geometry in living things. This practice is a tool for remembering ancestral knowledge as a way to create an archive for the future.

Nour Ballout: Through this project I archive my experience medically transitioning and moving through the psychological social and emotional shifts that come with. I present the work in a few different ways. One part of the project is printed on postcards and mailed to loved ones to be bearers of my archive. I chose this audience based on an emotional investment in my life and growth. The second part of the project exists on OnlyFans, where my audience chooses to invest and engage with me through this journey. The work presented here is a piece from this growing archive and I invite you to join me on this journey on only fans.