Dog Star Flame Walker, 2021
Acrylic paint on plywood

Steve Foust: As an artist, my overriding issue is to invent novel ways to make form. These methods and processes have been simple and synergistic. An earlier version of my two websites, sfoust.com (early work) illustrates many of these ways of making art. Currently and since the mid 90s I have made sculpture from single flat pieces of wood such as lumber and plywood. These sculptures derive from cutting at angles and rearranging the wood to attain three dimensions. The sculptures can be viewed in my current website, stevefoust.com. My inspiration other than methodology comes from nature and culture. Nature as in geology, plant forms and general biomorphism and culture with artifacts such as boats or guitars, for example. Often the images are abstract forms as well

Jim Chatelain, long time friend and fellow artist is my collaborator. He is a painter and I am the sculptor. We used two different project approaches. In the first, he sent me a painting on plywood which I cut up and reconstructed to make a relief. In the second approach I sent him a sculpture and he painted it. It was very illuminating for me to see my sculpture painted so imaginatively. My sculptures are usually stained mono chrome wood. We have worked together for over a year on these collaborations. I am thankful for the chance to exhibit in Dual Vision with artist collaborators and to Kathryn Brackett Luchs who inspired the concept for the show.