Las Comadres | Matriarchs Series

Las Comadres | Matriarchs  Series

Mud, gold, wax

The propaganda of the Cold War, alongside the Reagan era War on Drugs, encouraged a predominant media narrative that Colombia was solely a nation of violence and poverty. To counter these narratives, Cohen’s parents immersed her in the rich traditions of Colombian sacred crafts, including the processing of gold, coffee, and Chamba (black clay) pottery. These ancestral technologies originated in Colombia outside of Eurocentric notions of material wealth to signify class, spirituality, and religious offerings. The Las Comadres | Matriarchs  series are ceramic works that serve as Colombian tótems, guardians for women whose labor accounts for 70% of the cultivation of coffee beans in the country. This is a work that celebrates Colombia’s extensive cultural contributions to global trade and exchange in this new body of ceramic work.