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MOCAD will have limited museum access from October 29 - November 2 as two of the galleries and the MOCAD cafe are closed while we make some exciting new improvements to the museum.

MOCAD's Hours:
Wed: 11am - 5pm
Thurs: 11am - 8pm
Fri: 11am - 8pm
Sat + Sun: Closed

The Mobile Homestead's extended hours:
Wed, Sat + Sun 11am - 5pm
Thurs + Fri. 11am - 8pm

Mike Kelley's Mobile Homestead will be open presenting the new Detroit Artist Workshop exhibition, and the dynamic new compilation of work by MOCAD's DEPE Space Residents DesignInquiry will be available for viewing. The MOCAD Store will be open as normally scheduled offering unique art books and magazines, one-of-a-kind merchandise, and our exciting Ghostly collaboration t-shirts on sale.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. A better MOCAD is on its way!

MOCAD Woodward Ave. Exterior: NEKST Murals, 2013 by DONT, VIZIE, POSE, OMENS, REVOK, and SKREW. Photo by Colin M. Day

Upcoming Events

Random International
What It Isn't
Friday, October 24, 7pm
Admission: Free

Digital Photography Portrait with Emily Schiffer
Saturday, October 25 Noon - 3:30pm
Admission: Spaces are limited
RSVP with Youth program producer Tylonn J. Sawyer, tsawyer@mocadetroit.org or 313.832.6622

Werner Dafeldecker and Valerio Tricoli perform Williams Mix Extended, plus "Music-Mushrooms-Manuscripts: John Cage at Cranbrook"
Sunday, October 26, 7pm
Admission: $10 ($5 for Members)

The Detroit Artist Workshop: Roots and Branches

Sunday October 26, 2 - 5pm
Mike Kelley's Mobile Homestead

Detroit Artists Workshop

RSVP here

More information here

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September 12, 2014 - January 4, 2015

People's Biennial
Co-Curated by Jens Hoffmann and Harrell Fletcher

People's Biennial
People's Biennial is an exhibition series conceived by artist Harrell Fletcher and curator Jens Hoffmann in 2009. It examines the work of artists and other creative individuals, who operate outside the conventional art world. As such it recognizes a wide array of artistic expression present in many communities across the United States. In covering the little known, the overlooked, the marginalized, and the excluded, the project offers a view into a diverse range of creative practices in America today. The People's Biennial also proposes an alternative to the standard contemporary art biennial, which mostly focuses on art from a few select cities (New York, Los Angeles, occasionally Chicago, Miami or San Francisco). It questions the often exclusionary and insular process of selecting art that has at times turned the spaces where art is exhibited into privileged havens seemingly detached from the realities of everyday life.

Read the full exhibition description here

September 12, 2014 - January 7, 2018


Downloadable Press Release


On View: October 9 - 22, 2014
Jonathas de Andrade
“The Uprising”

Laida Lertxundi

2012, HD Video, Sound, 8 minutes

Introduced by Emiliano Valdés

As farm animals are prohibited throughout Recife, those who get about by horse are rendered invisible in the eyes of the law.Only by treating the Horse-Drawn Cart Race as if it were a scene from a movie — that is, by having it considered to some extent as a piece of 'fiction' — would it be possible to obtain the authorisations needed to make it happen.



October 15, 2014 - January 4, 2015

DesignInquiry at MOCAD

DesignInquiry kicks off 'Year of Agitation' at MOCAD in Detroit

DesignInquiry (DI) is a collective of designers, thinkers, and makers devoted to researching design issues in intensive team-based gatherings and publishing its outcomes. Initializing the group’s 'Year of Agitation' with design work that questions the status quo, DesignInquiry will install a changing series of visual/verbal/performative design research works in the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD) as part of the museum's DEPE Space Residency Program. MOCAD's Department of Education and Public Engagement (DEPE) enables adventurous, multidisciplinary programming in which the museum and city of Detroit function as sites for investigation and experimentation.


October 15–24, 2014
'Writing the Essay' - work by participants of the Detroit Inquiry: Ben Van Dyke, Rachele Riley, Joshua Singer, Rachel Fishman, Emily Luce, Denise Gonzales Crisp, Rebecca Tetgemeyer, and more.

'Responsive Exhibition' by Ben Van Dyke (ongoing)—immediate curation, in which the work is being made as it is installed.

October 26–Nov 2, 2014

'Different Data for Mapping Detroit's Cultural Landscape'—a hi/lo-fi data mash-up and workshop/exhibition by Rachele Riley, Joshua Singer, Patricio Davila and Dan McCafferty.

Upcoming projects include:

November 2014
'Detroit Gold Record' by Lincoln Hancock—conveying the aspirations, consciousness, and potentials of the city and its inhabitants at this pivotal moment of rebirth through sound and graphic design.

'Public Work Detroit' by Ben Gaydos and Julia Yezbick—a social practice reading group with exhibition-quality interpretation.

'Detroit/Food/Ephemera' by Emily Luce—investigates food systems as a success/fail practice.

December 2014
'Dissertation Project Print Shop' by Stacy Asher, Chris Fox, Catherine Watson
and more.

Press Release

Learn More about DesignInquiry here

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