Patrick Saytour (b. 1935, Nice, France)

A founding member of the Supports/Surfaces movement, Patrick Saytour holds a marginal and critical stance within the group. With deconstruction as paramount to his approach to painting–leaving aside politics and art historical canon–Saytour questions all the ingredients of faith within an artist and his practice. Nothing is taken for granted, and nothing is obvious. Patrick Saytour’s distinctive vision of painting subjects unorthodox materials such as upholstery, tar, glue, wood, rope, plastic toys and canvas to procedures such as folding, cutting, clipping, hanging and burning. Like other works conceived in Paris and Nice during the intellectual and political upheaval of the late 1960s, Saytour’s paintings collapse surface and support, materializing both to render them contingent, historical, determined by their environment whether it be the white cube gallery or the streets and beaches of Nice. Recent solo exhibitions have been with Galerie Phillips Pannetier, Nîmes; Chez Valentin, Paris; Ceysson & Bénétière, Luxembourg. Recent group exhibitions have been with Le 109, École de Nice, Nice; Cherry & Martin Gallery, Los Angeles; Reed College, Portland; CANADA Gallery, New York. His work belongs to prominent collections of modern and contemporary art including Centre Pompidou in Paris and FRAC Centre in Orléans.