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Announcing the Participating Artists for MOCAD’s Annual Monster Drawing Rally

Join us for our 12th Annual Monster Drawing Rally Live Drawing Event + Fundraiser for the whole family!
MAY 10, 2024

MDR for web

Image credit: Middlecott Design.

Detroit, MI — The Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit’s wildly popular live drawing event and fundraiser is back and better than ever! This exciting event is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to watch artists in action, creating artwork in real-time. During three one-hour shifts, local artists will be drawing their hearts out. Each piece will be bagged, tagged, and available for you to buy your favorite work of art right then and there for just $50 each!

When you purchase a Monster Drawing Rally piece, you help to support the incredible artists, performers, and speakers who travel from near and far to bring their work to us and the cultural vibrancy of our city. Unique, one-of-a-kind art pieces make great gifts and support a young Museum that dreams big. Your purchase and attendance help provide our community with ground-breaking exhibitions and not-to-be-missed live programming. 

This year, we have 116 participating artists! To date, over 900 artists have participated in Monster Drawing Rally, generously donating their talent, time, and artwork to MOCAD. This fundraiser is an extraordinarily interactive gathering to view new talent, support the Detroit artistic community, and MOCAD’s programming all at once.

Image credit: MDR 2018 by Trista Dymond.

Participating Artists

ARTISTS ROUND 1, 5:30–6:30PM

Aidel Finman
Alex Fischer
Alice V. Schneider
Allison Janicki
Ashley McFadden
Asia Hassan
Brandon Slewion
Brent Mosser
Codi Barbini
Dalia Reyes
Emma Greschak
erik mylenek
Hana Ichikawa
Helena Hill (Lenasscanvas)
Imani Smith
Jacob Smith (mazysuzan)
Jasmin Smith (Jazzy Aris)
Jennifer Gustafson (Very Large)
Jon Wilcox
Kelly Vander Kley
Keto Green
Kevin Joy
Kimberly Copeland (KIMIK)
Kristi Spence
Law Stout
Marjorie Gaber (Marge Makes Comics)
Mark Sarmel
Michael DuPree
Michael Ross
Mike Williams
Nathaniel Edmiston
ngianhormua yang
Nick Pizaña
Olivia Beelby (ORB)
Paige Showalter (PaigeyKat)
Poppy Lyttle-king
Rachelle Tolwin
Rola Kadi
Stacey Malasky
Talon Adams
William Bevan

ARTISTS ROUND 2, 7:00–8:00PM

Amelia Burns
Anna van Schaap
Anthony Reed (Ren)
Bri Frey
Chyna Jones
Deymachah Brown
Earl Williams (Davinci Detroit)
Evan Condron
Gyona Rice
Heidi Kumao
Izaiah Ford
Jamario/Thalamus Morris
James Alexander
Jennifer Gariepy
Jess Fendo
Jessica Livingston
John Dominguez
Joseph Fuentes
Kamiko Duncan
Kar Devidasi
Kate Maggart
Kathryn Poremski
Kayla Stafford (Kayla Renela)
Laney Taylor
Lar Yang (Lartheealien)
Libby Anderson
Martyna Alexander
Melanie Janisse
Melinda Ruth Rushing
Natalie Berry & Trevor Stone
Nicole Miazgowicz
Noel Vitale
Philip Carrel
Rachelle Baker
Ravyn Dobine
Sarah Nesbitt
sarah cohen
Scott Everett
Zeke Emmanue

ARTISTS ROUND 2, 8:30-9:30PM

Anica Presley
Anthea Calhoun
Brook Banham
Christopher Morris (CWM)
Corrie Baldauf
Craig Paul Nowak
Danielle Ward (Danyeller)
Darrell J. Dinges
Diamond Coleman
Gary Schwartz
Genevieve Klick
Jacob Dombrowski
James Cherewick
Jeff Cancelosi
Jennifer Mones (Senomneart)
Jim Cherewick (Gymsee)
Jinx Kay (HiJiN(X))
Jocelyn O’Leary
Krysti Soence
Lindy Marie Shewbridge
Martina Sanroman
Mason Sultana
Matt Thornton (Emskript)
Maurice Greenia (Maugre)
Megan Major
Nathan Margoni
Pauly M. Everett
Roy Sproule
Sarms Jabra
Sean Bieri
Steven Shik
Timothy Smith
Toby Millman
Trae IsAAc
Troy Rushing

Image credit: Miz Korona photo by Vincent Cervantez.

A cash bar with specialty drinks and snacks will be available. This year’s special musical guest is DJ LADYLIKE. MC Miz Korona will lead the crowd as the artists draw during this fun-filled night. 

Saturday, June 8, 2024

Doors open at 5:00pm

Shift 1: 5:30-6:30pm

Shift 2: 7:00-8:00pm

Shift 3: 8:30-9:30pm

Admission: $10 (Free for MOCAD Members)

Visit our Membership page to join or renew today!


The Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD) presents exhibitions and programs that explore the best of contemporary art, connecting Detroit and the global art world. MOCAD focuses on art as a means to nurture social change and human understanding, reflecting our community. We encourage innovative experimentation by artists, musicians, makers, cultural producers, and scholars to enrich all who participate and to educate visitors of all ages in the power of art. Whether from Detroit or worldwide, we welcome creative voices who can guide us to an equitable and inclusive future. We believe that art can change us, and it’s our responsibility to hold a space where challenge, acceptance, hope, and beauty can coincide.

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Monster Drawing Rally is an event concept originally developed by Southern Exposure in San Francisco, CA, who proudly share it as an open source fundraising model. MDR combines the energy of a monster truck rally with the creativity and brilliance of the local art community.