JULY 9, 2020 – JANUARY 10, 2021

New Red Order: Crimes Against Reality explores the desire for indigeneity through the lens of digital culture, experimental media, and emerging technology. Presented across two galleries at MOCAD, Crimes Against Reality includes new video commissions shot on-location in Detroit and Southeast Michigan.

New Red Order (NRO) is a public secret society facilitated by core contributors Adam Khalil, Zack Khalil, and Jackson Polys. Working with an interdisciplinary network of informants—including Ashley Byler, Driftnote, Jim Fletcher, Inpatient Press, KITE, Maiingan “iNDiO1763” Wiikwedong, Kyleigh M. Mathewson, Tony Oursler, Laura Ortman, Jeremy Pheiffer, Gaile Pranckunaite, Walter Scott, Rezarta Seferi, Bayley Sweitzer, Walker Tate, Virgil Taylor, Kate Valk, and others—the NRO co-produces video, performance, and installation works that confront settler colonial tendencies and obstacles to Indigenous growth and agency.

Crimes Against Reality is the largest installment to date in Unboxing, an ongoing series of exhibitions, performances, and public programs dedicated to emerging ideas at the crossroads of technology, new media, and contemporary art. Unboxing is a spotlight for new perspectives on digital culture in the museum context. The series provides MOCAD with a dedicated platform for engaging topics unique to art of the twenty-first century.

New Red Order: Crimes Against Reality is organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit and curated by Pat Elifritz, Curator of New Media and Technology, with curatorial support from Tizziana Baldenebro, Ford Curatorial Fellow.

Exhibitions and public programs at MOCAD are supported by the A. Alfred Taubman Foundation. New Red Order: Crimes Against Reality is generously supported by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.