Daniel Dezeuze (b. 1942, Alès, France)
11/20/2018 Husain Salah

Dezeuze’s work over the years has used a wide variety materials (wood, gauze, found objects, polyethylene etc) and tones, from the austere rigour of his flexible wooden ladders in the 1970’s, to the ethereal lightness of his gauze pieces going on to the playfulness of his colourful Peintures qui perlent (Beading Paintings) which were painted wooden cubes and beads attached to a rigid framework. There are two main directions in his work: the first, his deconstruction of painting and its components (Ladders, Trellises, Cut Out Gauzes, Pavilions etc) and the second, his creation of a series of objects (Arms, Gathering Devices, and Receptacles) which evoke humanity’s perennial activities. Dezeuze’s drawings also can be grouped in these two directions with the addition of his sensitive and delightful evocations of nature in his series La Vie Amoureuse des Plantes (subject of an exhibition at the Centre Pompidou in 1993), his numerous and colourful Butterflies, and his enigmatic Grotesques.