Bernard Pagès (b. 1940, Cahors, France)

Bernard Pagès is a French contemporary sculptor born in Cahors in the Lot in 1940. Bernard Pagès arrived to Paris in 1959. It was at the Workshop of Sacred Art that he became aware of the accessibility of sculpture. In 1967, the artist abandoned the painting and the traditional sculpture after an exhibition of the New Realists in Nice. Bernard Pagès was introduced to the Supports/Surfaces movement in 1967. He uses abandoned materials to create his sculptures, and assembles bricks, wood, stone floor, stone, gravel, pipes, etc into unique sculptural works. He organizes his sets by Inventories, Lists, and Enumerations. As time goes by, his work goes beyond these recycled materials and turns more and more colorful and baroque. His work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions at the Museum of Art, Hong Kong; the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo; and the Museum of Art, Tel-Aviv.