André Valensi (b. 1947, Paris, France; d. 1999, Lomé, Africa)

André Valensi’s Objets d’analyse, which are simple cords, ladders or nets, are made by braiding and knotting various ropes painted in yellow, orange and blue. He cut forms from corrugated cardboard and linked with a single cord, or simply piled them up. Some of these objects can be read as symbolic materials, charged with the artist’s experience and his insistence on evoking ideas of class and the status of the subject in art. The square canvases, assembled from pieces of cloth that are sewn together by stitches which delineate a square motif at the center of the canvas. They were then dipped in carbonyl. Through these works, Valensi showed one way that painting after the time of Malevich and other Modernists can continue to address modernity and contribute to the dialogue started by the avant-garde.