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MOCAD hosts musical, literary and artistic events throughout the year. Check back often or contact us at info@mocadetroit.org if you would like to be kept up to date on upcoming events.

All events are free and open to the public and take place at MOCAD unless otherwise indicated.

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Jad Fair and Danielson

Sunday, September 7 8pm
Location: Trinosophes
1464 Gratiot, Detroit
Admission: $10

MOCAD is honored to present Jad Fair, an enduringly idiosyncratic artist who has been revered in discerning pockets of the global indie rock underground for decades. Danielson’s Daniel Smith has long admired Fair, drawing inspiration from Half Japanese (the band Fair formed with his brother in Ann Arbor, Michigan in the ‘70s) on through to his prolific career today. Their discussions of collaborating finally came to fruition when Joyful Noise Recordings designated Fair its “Artist In Residence” for 2014 and Danielson was tapped as one of 4 artists to record separate respective albums with him for a boxed-set limited release. “Flattered and honored” is how Smith sums up his feelings about the project -- and grateful to get a game-plan for what always seemed a complementary pairing.

The sweet collaboration produced gleaming tunes of sincere sing-speak, resplendent with sparkling back-up vocals and warmly melodic, inventive instrumentation; a sunshine-bright outlook of positive encouragement to keep “rockin’ on the side of gooood” -- because, after all, “We deserve chocolate cake/ We deserve apple pie/ Enjoy your life ...”

The resulting album, 'Solid Gold Heart,' is a beguiling blend that builds off each participant’s strengths, truly a fresh sum that is greater than its parts. “The goal was to make 3-minute pop songs, as accessible and fun and immediate as possible,” notes Smith. And that’s what you’ll hear, each song an uplifting, mutually enhanced concoction.

Anyone who ever had a Solid Gold Heart -- wouldn’t they want to turn around and share it? Of course they would. Jad Fair and Danielson are happy to offer up theirs.

The fantastic Rebel Kind opens!

Tickets available Here


2014 Fall Exhibitions

DETROIT CITY - Detroit Affinities: John Maggie
People's Biennial 2014

Friday, September 12
MOCAD Member preview: 6 - 7PM; free for members
Curators talk with Jens Hoffmann and Harrell Fletcher at 6:15PM
Public Opening: 7 - 9PM; free for members, $5 suggested donation
Music performance by Ava Luna and Celestial Shore: 8PM (free for MOCAD members; $7 for non-members after 9PM)

The People’s Biennial 2014
This edition of the biennial will feature collaborations in which established, recognized artists work with creative individuals who are personally known to them, but not part of the conventional art world. Curated by Jens Hoffmann and Harrell Fletcher.
Collaborations: Jennifer Allora & Guillermo Calzadilla and Roberto Rabin & Nilda Medina, Carson Ellis and Hank Meloy, Wendy Ewald and Denise Dixon, Dara Friedman and Ishmael Golden Eagle, Colter Jacobsen and Lance Rivers, Liz Magic Laser and Wendy Osserman, Sharon Lockhart and Fearless Fred, Cary Loren and Jimbo Easter, Rick Lowe and Jonathan the Plant Man, Ken Lum and Orkan Telhan, Jeffry Mitchell and Vic Oblas, Scott Reeder and Xav Leplae, Alec Soth and George Wurtzel, Hank Willis Thomas and Baz Dreisinger, Transformazium and James Kidd, Lee Walton & Harriet Hoover and Mr. Coppers, and Steven Yazzie and Jonathan Bond.

This multi-year program of exhibitions (Detroit Affinities), performances (Detroit Stages), educational programs and publications (Detroit Speaks) will place local artists in a global context while investigating the city’s current artistic, political, cultural, and economic realities.

Presenting ten sequential solo exhibitions representing five pairings of Detroit artists with artists from elsewhere, the Detroit Affinities series seeks to reveal correspondences, similarities, and differences in the artists’ respective practices. The first exhibition showcases the figurative paintings of Detroit artist John Maggie, whose work often depicts grotesque studies of the male physique.

DETROIT CITY is organized by MOCAD and curated by Guest Curator Jens Hoffmann in conversation with Rebecca Mazzei, Greg Baise, Curator for Public Programs, and Elysia Borowy-Reeder, Executive Director, as well as numerous artists and critics in Detroit and elsewhere.



Detroit Speaks - "What is a Detroit Artists?"

Saturday, September 13, 1pm

Join us as our expert panelists examine this critical question. Moderated by Jens Hoffmann, the panel will feature Jeffrey Abt, Rebecca Mazzei, Laura Mott and Michael Stone-Richards.
Speaker Bios
Jeffrey Abt
Professor and Graduate Officer
James Pearson Duffy Department of Art and Art History, Wayne State University, Detroit

Rebecca Mazzei
Trinosophes, Detroit

Laura Mott
Curator of Contemporary Art and Design, Cranbrook Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills

Michael Stone-Richards
Critical Theory, Visual Studies, Comparative Literary Studies
Department of Liberal Arts, College for Creative Studies, Detroit

Detroit Speaks is a panel discussion and a series of free public talks organized by Amy Corle, MOCAD’s Curator of Education and Public Engagement, will explore the significance and influence of local art schools and art education, museums and institutions, galleries and artist-run spaces, as well as the careers of individual Detroit artists, laying out the foundation upon which DETROIT CITY will develop. Each individual talk will focus on one of the above mentioned areas. The speakers will include artists, academics, curators and educators based in Detroit.



Ché-SHIZU, Maher Shalal Hash Baz, à qui avec Gabriel (Minor Musics Japan Tour 2014)

Tuesday, September 16, 8pm
Admission: $12 ($8 for MOCAD Members)

MOCAD is honored to be just one of four North American venues hosting these venerated members of Japan's underground music community, compelling artists who touches on the fringes of rock with a lyrical, naivist bent, crossing folk, improvisation, and a gleefully embracing the unpolished.

Ché-SHIZU’s improv-folk music embraces simplicity in their compositions, led by the melodies of Chie Mukai’s voice and erhu (a distinctive two-string bowed instrument).
Maher Shalal Hash Baz is the artistic alter ego of Tori Kudo, a Japanese composer and musician. The group formed when Kudo met euphonium player Hiroo Nakazaki, revealing a shared interest in the music of Mayo Thompson and Syd Barrett. Kudo resists defining his gleeful, intense, naive music, which frequently features large ensembles of untrained musicians that embrace error, structure, and structurelessness.
à qui avec Gabriel is Japanese accordionist Aki and her instrument, Gabriel. Her stylistic palette is eclectic, drawing in shades of jaunty European folk music, the elegant minimalism of Erik Satie, and uniquely lighthearted melancholia.



Xylouris White & Peter Jefferies

Saturday, October 4, 8pm
Admission: $12
Purchase Tickets Here

Xylouris White brings together two masters of contemporary music: Jim White, drummer of the internationally acclaimed trio Dirty Three, and Giorgos Xylouris (Psaragiorgis), the master lutenist described as “the future of Cretan music.” Together Xylouris White have created a new and compelling blend of melody and rhythm. Even to watch them absorbed in their music is an exhilarating experience. Jim and Psaragiorgis first played together in Melbourne. Since then they have been on a wonderful journey across three continents. Although these new experiences have added many riches, neither has lost touch with the best of their diverse traditions.

Appearing with one of the great songwriters of the international rock underground, Peter Jefferies creates extraordinary music, the kind that places him among peers like Nick Drake, John Cale, and few others. Writer Mike Wolf says, "In a sandy voice that soothes and slashes, Jefferies offers a compassionate, piercingly lucid view of the endeavor of life, all our pain and small glories rendered in tones both harrowing and tender. On piano, drums and percussion, he pounds out melodies that roar, sweep and lilt."


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