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MOCAD hosts musical, literary and artistic events throughout the year. Check back often or contact us at info@mocadetroit.org if you would like to be kept up to date on upcoming events.

All events are free and open to the public and take place at MOCAD unless otherwise indicated.

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insideOut Literary Arts Project: What's Punk Got to do With Poetry?

Wednesday, April 16, 7:30pm - 9pm
Admission: Free

Award-winning poet Gerry LaFemina will answer that question and more during the final installment of iO's 2014 Scratch the Page reading and workshop series. He believes poetry is the highest art form; believes everyone should rock out with a guitar at least once--even if they can't play; ...believes in love, bigfoot and other mythic creatures.

He is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, LaFemina holds an MFA in Poetry from Western Michigan University as well as an MA in Literature with an emphasis on Twentieth-century Literature from WMU.
Learn more about at: gerrylafemina.net.

The reading is FREE and open to the public.


Scratch the Page



Thursday, April 17, 4:30pm - 7:30pm
Admission: Free

Poetry Slam

Full press release available here.



Can You Have an Art Exhibition Without Art? Triple Candie Under Oath

Saturday, April 19, 1 - 3pm
Admission: Free (Suggested $5 museum donation)

Who, or what, is Triple Candie? What does it do, and why does it exist? How can it curate art exhibitions without artists and their artworks, but rather with copies of an artist’s oeuvre? Do the two co-founders, Shelly Bancroft and Peter Nesbett, work under this non-conceptual art strategy called Triple Candie as a disguise, creating a protective veil? And if so, protection from whom, or from what? Ethical and legal conundrums, perhaps? Now comes Sergio Muñoz Sarmiento, artist and arts lawyer. On April 19, Sarmiento will interrogate Triple Candie to inquire as to its curatorial exhibitions and art historical facilitations and obstructions in order to assess the legal, ethical, and moral repercussions of its performative practices.

Sergio Muñoz Sarmiento is an artist and arts lawyer with a primary focus on intellectual property, moral rights, free speech, artist-gallery disputes, and nonprofit arts organizations. This practice and his public lecture are also an ongoing performance project. Sarmiento received his BA in Art from the University of Texas-El Paso and an MFA in Art from the California Institute of the Arts. He was a Van Lier Fellow at the Whitney Museum of American Art’s Independent Study Program in Studio Art in 1997, and received his JD from Cornell Law School in 2006. From 2006 to 2012, he was Director of Education and Associate Director for Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts in New York City. Sarmiento founded The Art and Law Program and teaches contemporary art and law at Fordham Law School. More information on his practice can be viewed at sergiomunozsarmiento.com.




Detroit Question Center

Sunday, April 20, 12pm - 2pm
Admission: Free (Suggested $5 museum donation)

In 1969, during a live broadcast on Belgian TV, James Lee Byars phoned 100 leading intellectuals and asked each for an intellectually provocative question. He hoped that this would elicit the most pressing questions of the day. What he got instead were a few questions, lots of opinions, and a big fat headache. For one afternoon, Triple Candie (Shelly Bancroft and Peter Nesbett) and curator Jens Hoffmann will ape Byars’s performance while altering his intent, randomly phoning Detroiters of all stripes and asking them what big life questions they ponder most. The results will be compiled as a portrait of the city in question.




Deerhoof with Awkwafina and Celestial Shor

Friday, April 25, 8pm
Admission: $12
Buy Tickets Here

From their humble beginnings as an obscure San Francisco noise act, Deerhoof have become one of the most influential bands in the creative rock underground, with their ecstatic and unruly take on pop. With every successive album, it becomes clearer that Deerhoof just do whatever they feel like doing. They’re not caving to expectations, playing to genres, or running with a set of strict rules. Their albums feel instinctual, and that’s not just because of Satomi Matsuzaki’s childlike vocals: whether it’s interlocking guitar shredding or cathartic drum pounding, jazz dexterity, or metal intensity, four musicians who have been playing together for a decade and a half naturally have this special kind of chemistry. Somehow, the end results always manage to both impress and sound like Deerhoof, freewheeling experimentalism that rediscovers the band’s own sound while also producing viscerally new and effective music.




AFROTOPIA with Ingrid LaFleur

Sunday, April 27, 12pm - 4pm
Admission: Free (Suggested $5 museum donation)

Batman prepares to fight crime from his Batcave, Spiderman at his Aunt May’s house. As a superhero what does your headquarter look like? Do you have an all seeing computer or a chemistry lab to develop your own weblike material? Family Day participants will choose a superhero name and power. Using collage, they will illustrate their superhero headquarters. For the industrious, each superhero will create their own badges.

Family Day will be hosted by futurist Ingrid Lafleur and you can learn more about Afro-futurism at her website.



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